in my studio


I am a landscape artist, living and working in Bristol, in the South West of England. Born in Brighton, I studied Fine Art at the University of the West of England (UWE), and have developed a unique style and technique to capture the landscape around me. 

As a runner and a dog owner I spend time outside in all weathers, in alI seasons, and like to feel like I am in the landscape, rather than observing it. I seek out open spaces with distant views and depth of light.  I document this time, these journeys, through the quality of light: the ever changing skies, and the way that the distant features can fade in and out depending on the sunlight, the cloud cover and the atmospheric conditions. 

Out in the field I document my journey through quick sketches using black ‘Quink’ ink mixed with water and by photographing to capture the detail. Back in my studio I apply layers of slow-drying acrylic paint with boatbuilders’ epoxy resin, to create an ethereal and translucent quality to my atmospheric paintings of the landscape.

My canvases capture the moments just before rainfall, the settling of mist over rolling hills and the changing quality of light throughout the day.